Feeling Alchemy by Joey Lott

Feeling Alchemy

What's included?

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Read This First
There Are No Mistakes
Transformative Breathing
Symbol Release
Whole Body Breathing
Center With
Hands and Eyes
Making Sacred
Center of the Head
The Complete Feeling Alchemy Process
Connecting Head and Heart
As Above, So Below
Freeing Eyes and Tongue
Thought Forms
What You Want
One Thing
Treasure Hunt
The Temptation of War
The Temptation of Duty
Ancestral Healing Level 1
Ancestral Healing Level 2
Ancestral Healing Levels 3+
Simplification: Symbol Release
Simplification: Center With
Simplification: Making Sacred
Simplification: Complete Feeling Alchemy Process
Like a Tree
Tongue at Ease (Part 1)
Tongue at Ease (Part 2)
Ancestral Healing Level Self
Ancestral Healing Level Future Generations
What If?
Inner Cosmic Currents
What If? Part 2
Cat Face Rub
Praise - Physical Body
What If? Part 3
Praise - Thoughts
What If? Part 4
Setting the Tone
Scrunch and Soften
Praise - Self
A Complete Exhalation
A Complete Inhalation
A Balanced Breath
Between Inhalation and Exhalation
Between Exhalation and Inhalation
Reverse Breathing
Integrated Breathing Feeling Alchemy
The Yawn
What If? Part 5
Silent Listening
Silent Feeling
Silent Being
Cultivating Happiness
Cultivating Clarity
Continuous Spaciousness
Continuous Spaciousness Part 2
Continuous Spaciousness Part 3
Continuous Spaciousness Part 4
Continuous Spaciousness Part 5
Continuous Spaciousness In Action
Being Yourself
Where Is the Past?
Clearing the Past
The Past as Foundation
Through the Head
Ear to Ear
Filling the Head
Connecting Above and Below
Conscious Creation Part 1
Conscious Creation Part 2
Conscious Creation Part 3
Conscious Creation Part 4
Conscious Creation Part 5
Conscious Creation Part 6
Conscious Creation Part 7
Conscious Creation Part 8
Conscious Creation Part 9
Conscious Creation Part 10
Conscious Creation Part 11
Conscious Creation Part 12
Abdominal Massage 1
Abdominal Massage Part 2
Abdominal Massage Part 3
Abdominal Massage Part 4
Abdominal Massage Part 5
Abdominal Massage Part 6
Little Toe
Fourth Toe
Third Toe
Second Toe
Big Toes
Interlacing Fingers and Toes
Passive Ankle
Ankle Button Pushing
Outer Edge of Foot
Alternating Sides of Foot
Moving Foot and Leg Around Resting Ankle
Lifting the Leg
Lifting the Heel
Flexing the Foot
Circling the Foot
Pulling and Flexing the Foot
Frog Legs
Frog Legs to Standing
Pelvic Clock on Chair
Lifting the Hips
Connecting Pelvis and Sternum
Plantar Flexion
Pelvic Clock with Crossed Ankle
Active Rest
Pressing the Foot, Lifting the Buttock
Pressing the Foot and Rolling
Touching the Elbows
Elbows to Floor
Lifting the Elbows
Shoulder Flexion
Bending the Arm
Shoulder Press
Standing Introduction
Lengthening the Leg
Turning the Head
Lifting the Toes
Lifting the Arm
Lifting the Arm Backward
Pressing Backward
Turning the Head with Foot
Turning Head with Knee while Sitting
Opening the Jaw while Turning the Head
Opening the Jaw while Pressing with Hand
Opening the Jaw Lying on Side
Side to Side Jaw
Turning the Head with Open Jaw
Opening the Jaw with the Head
Diagonal Jaw Opening
Releasing Throat and Jaw while Turning Head
Sticking the Tongue Out
Sticking Out Tongue while Turning Head
Sticking Out the Tongue while Extending Head
Swinging the Jaw
Extending and Turning Head